Realtime Hydrologic Conditions in Southeast Asia

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Optical (source)
  MODIS 250m Water and Clouds
Radar Precipitation (sources)
  NASA GPM 30 min + Clouds
  NASA GPM 24 hr
  NASA GPM 7 day
  NASA TRMM 3 hr
  NASA TRMM 72 hr
Precipitation Avg and Anomalies (sources)
  30 Day Rainfall Average
  30 Day Rainfall Anomaly
Flood Models (source)
  NASA TRMM Flood Potential
  NASA GEOS-5 Flood Potential
  NASA Extended Flood Potential
Other Layers (various sources)
  Mekong River Main Stem
  River Gages
  Google Maps Traffic

Socioeconomic Impacts

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